AUG 9, 2020
Story by Rog Plaskett


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This week the weather continues to cooperate, and it was another sizzling day with mild humidity but temps around 90. There was also a Gold Cup Qualifier down in Delaware. This year has been the most unpredictable year in recent memory. Today, was our smallest race of the year with 35 motos and 152 riders. We would certainly welcome that on any given Sunday.

Our Rider Of The Week ceremony took place just before we started with the Strider class. This week we named Rowan Harrison; a 10-year-old Novice who nailed his first Foothills win last Sunday. During the interview, I asked him if this was his first win ever and he said that he had a few elsewhere, namely, Whip City. I figured that he had a just a few there because they have not opened this year except for one week. He finished third that one week at Whip. Anyway, he said that his favorite rider was Joe Toomey because he really pushes him. I would say that is a good choice as Joe has 5 wins in a row here at Foothills. I will talk more about Rowan’s wins later in this report.

4 Year Olds
Once practice started for these rug-rats it was apparent that there was a lot of them here. The moto sheets verified that fact as we had the most that we have ever had with 15 moto-mites registered. We split them into three groups and ran three rounds consecutively. Moto #1 was7 riders strong with 4-year old’s but only 6 showed up on the starting grid. Max Delaney, who had only run here once before just did not make it. ┬áBen Hagan cleaned house outrunning everyone the first two rounds and finished third in the final but was still considered the overall winner (If we were keeping track). Beckett Levesque made his Strider debut with a consistent run. Parker Whalen raced for the third week in a row and looked awesome. Olivia Cernak. Carter Cardillo and Victoria Machnik all looked like they had a great time. (See Below)

3 Year Olds
This was a 4-rider group and Asher Smith was totally focused and ran away from the competition every round. Ryder Vaill, with his rad roman style helmet, smiled the whole time running in the second spot. April Vordermnann, sponsored by FBJ Creations, showed us how they do it in Idaho. That’s right, all the way from the Gem State and on tour! “Jumpin” Joe Williams had his GT hot-rod would up and looked great. (See Below)

2 Year Olds
This was another 4-rider run off and “Flyin” Ryan Lataille had the “pink panther” machine dialed in with a sweep. Carter Anthony ran his “Green Monster” to a second-place finish. Tanner Smith, the future star of Boosted BMX, was third while rounding out the field was Novah Heath, another hot-rod from Boosted BMX. (See Below)

15-16 Girls
The first pointed class off the hill was this usual group of three. Marissa Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop), Current female cruiser track champion, led the charge and was unstoppable as she earned her 6th consecutive Cruiser win. Laiken Cormier continues to rack up points with her 8th consecutive appearance. Ella (Cinderella) Urban rode to a solid third place finish.

31-35 Woman
This was a total point race and it was the same order in all three rounds of racing. Stefanie Blackburn (Warped BMX) made just her second visit here and took care of business riding that Squared machine to a sweep. Kristina Delucia (Turnt Racing) made her 2020 debut here and finished second while Caissy Price rode to the third spot.

41-45 Women
This was another of the total points races and it featured a New York rider whom we had only seen once before. Jennifer Knapp, Riding for LYPHE Racing and out of Troy New York, was dominate and enjoyed a “perfect” by winning every round. Kasie Provencal, (Answer / Northeast Factory) loves our rhythm section and rode to a second overall. Sarah Huberty (Overhaul Racing) was third and did finish second in round 3.

13 Year Olds
This was the last of the total points races in the cruiser classes. Chris Pederson (Sand Road Animal Hospital) has really been on a roll lately and earned his second Foothills Cruiser win of the season. “Farmboy” Dave Labarge (Full Circle Bike Shop) was solid with a second-place finish. Third went to Hunter Heath (Boosted BMX). Hunter went down hard in his expert class and was obviously not his usual speed demon after that.

17-20 Year Olds
This class was 5 registered riders but, unfortunately, one was a no-show so all automatically transferred into the main event. Dave Albert Jr. who we have not seen too much of in the last couple of seasons was here for the first time this year and he sure made an impact. Riding for the Answer / Northeast Factory gang, he was unbeatable and won this main event. Jonah Grave (Full Circle Bike Shop), a four-time winner this year, put up a great fight (He is five years younger than Albert) and finished second. Third went to Gold Cup #1, Rog Gould.

41-45 Year Olds
This was a four-rider gang and it was a tough one for Dave Maguire. Dave was making his competitive debut and has some special riding skills. Once he stops smoking, maybe he will make it past the third turn riding hard for a transfer spot. He was totally winded but loves being there with his daughter Emilee. In the main event Tim Brown (T-Bone) managed to stay ahead of Jody Toomey for the top spot. Jody (Overhaul Racing) held off Cliff Benoit (Misfits) for the second spot.

46-50 Year Olds
This was a large group with 7 riders in the mix ranging from 49 to 64 years old. (Amazing). After the 3 qualifying rounds the rider eliminated was the oldest. Rog Billings (Scylent Rage Racing) just missed getting in. In the main, there was a surprise as Bryon Vordermann (FBJ Creations) was here from Idaho and this guy can ride. He gave our champion, Mike Savage all he could handle. Mike (Crit Plate) did prevail with Bryon second. The third spot went to Scott Price.
This rad looking bus was parked in our upper parking lot. It is the Vordermann family touring the U.S. They make custom bicycle bags. Their home is in Idaho.
It was great to have them here.

6 Year Olds
This was a big group with a 4-year old and a 5-year old in the mix. Surely one of those two would be the rider cut from the qualifying rounds. Nope! Both made it in and one of them won it! Local racer Ryder Osorio is in a slump and missed making today’s main. In the main it was 5-year old Reid Waters winning for the fourth consecutive week and this might have been the most impressive. Owen Sanzone, from the same town as Reid (Winsted) was second while Bentley Preston round out the top three. I would bet that the top two ride at Foothills together during the week. Reid used a sweet pass in turn one to get by Owen. Averi Wadman fell in turn 2 during the main but rode it off.

7 Year Olds
There were 4-riders in this one and Soleil Schuster missed the cut for the first time this year. Jayden Mahoney followed last weeks second place finish with his first Foothills win today. Caleb Barnes, who missed the cut last week, sure came back strong with a second this week. Brynn Whalen finished in the third spot. Brynn tried to make a pass in turn three during the main and fell costing him a shot at second. He appeared to be ok.

9 Year Olds
Last week Rowan Harrison earned his first win at Foothills and was looking for a repeat. Little did we know how hard he wanted it and why. This was a 5-rider class and, after the qualifying rounds eliminated Emilee Maguire, the main event was on. Rowan started in gate #6 so it would need to be a dash to turn one. When the dust settled Rowan did earn his repeat but, we learned later that this was his 10th win and he in now an Intermediate. Congratulations! Dylan Murphy was a close second while the third spot on the podium was occupied by Blake Price.

Rowan Harrison receives his move-up award from T.O. Jason Lyman

10 Year Olds
In the 10-year old class it was a 5-rider shootout of those 4 spots in the main event. Pat Leblanc gave it a great try but missed the cut. Riding out of the Rubber Side Down racing camp, Landon Moynihan would make it 2 wins in the last three times out. “The slayer” Aryana Labarge (Full Circle Bike Shop) was a close second. Crawford Kesl is showing much improvement and finished third.

13 Year Olds
There were just 4-riders in this mix and the hard luck guy was Hunter Price who just missed the transfer. Ethan Cournoyer earned his third Foothills win of the season with a great run. After a first round wreck, Josh Styga finished with a solid second. The third spot went to Magnus Harrison.

15 Year Olds
This was also a 4-rider class and this one rider just had a really tough day. Addison Rushford was racing just her second race here. The last two qualifying rounds were especially when she fell in both of those rounds. She is one tough racer and got back on the bike and rode to the finish line in every round. In the main, Pete Drwiega, who fell himself in round one, came back with his first Foothills win. Wyatt Keeler and Paisley Suares were second and third. It was a good day for Paisley as this was her first race ever and she made her main.

36-40 Year Olds
This was yet another 4-rider grouping and in this one it was Caissy Price missing out for the second week in a row. The guy making his return to BMX a week ago remains undefeated with another win. Jim Maclennan seems to be blasting his way through the Novice class and earned his second consecutive Foothills win today. I am sure his daughter Katie, who he brought with him, was just as proud as his son Connor was last week. Brian Wadman was second while a very dusty Andy Chalko was third. Andy took a digger in round one and, some wondered if his day would continue. I guess they grow them tough in Meriden.

41-45 year Olds
Matching the biggest class of the day this was a group that were 7-riders strong. Sarah Huberty (Overhaul Racing) was the rider watching the main from the side lines. She took a fall down in turn four in the second round. Carl Carlson, who I have called some of his races when he was a teenager, is now 41 years old and decided to try a comeback this year. So far so good as he won here for the second time in as many races. Chris Knapp (LYPHE Racing) was second as he held off for “Big Timber” Tim Adams (Scylent Rage Racing) for that spot.

46-50 Year Olds
This was a 5-rider class and it would come down to the last qualifying round to see who would be the last two in between Mark Dukeman, Willi Massinger and Ryan Murphy. As soon as the gate dropped it was settled. Mark slammed the gate before it fell and, when it did, so did he. So much for that brand-new Chase Bicycle to remain without any scratches. Mark said that he was sore but should be good to go for next Sunday. In the main it was Ryan Murphy, one of the last two to qualify, winning the Main and it was his first trip here this year. Scott Price was second. Jason Graves (Full Circle Bike Shop), hung on to the third spot.

7 Year Olds
If anyone could use a break its this kid. 6-year-old Cole Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop), is the youngest regular Intermediate here at Foothills and constantly has to compete against older riders. Such was the case today and Cole would have to watch the main from outside the fence. Cole had just turned 6 this past week. JD Lataille regained his winning ways after three winless races and was back on top today. Mason Delaney put in a nice effort and was rewarded with a second-place award. Rounding out the top three was Kris Devaux, who seems to be positioned to convincing his mom to get a cruiser and come join the fun.

9 Year Olds
Evan Wadman was the odd man out in this class which featured the presence of an expert rider which means all rider making the main earn expert points. Dominic Chevelier (Spelling unsure) picked a great time to earn his first Foothills win. 106 points get added to his total. “Smilin” Rylan Spence (Racer Army), the expert, was second while “The Monsta” Xander Monczka (Overhaul Racing) was third.

11 Year Olds
In this 4-rider class it was Jayden Jones (State #1) who calls Bethel Supercross his home track, who was cut after the motos. Nick Preston, flying the Concrete Kings colors, made it six in a row with another win. “The Urban Legend” Johnny Urban (Scylent Rage Racing), worked hard and earned a solid second with his teammate Brody Kesl finishing third.

12 Year Olds
This was a total points race and things got a little scary in the first round when Toby Schoonmaker almost smashed into the turn three fence. Instead, he made an incredible save and rode the rim like a rim-rider. So round one saw the order of finish as Colin Leblanc 1, Noah (Honey Badger) Rushford (Boosted BMX) 2 and Schoonmaker 3. Round two was Rushford, Schoonmaker and Leblanc. So round three should be interesting. The order was Leblanc, Rushford and Schoonmaker again giving Leblanc his second win. Rushford and Schoonmaker were second and third overall.

13 Year Olds
This was another total points event with Chris (Sparky) Pedersen (Associated Lightning Rod) earning another “double as he also won his cruiser class. Nick Tirendi was a little erratic with a 3rd, 2nd and a 1st but earned second overall. Liam Macneil was third.

15 Year Olds
Again it was a total points race and this time it would come down to the third round tie-breaker to settle the score. With Kodie Carlson and Marissa Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop) tied with 3 points each going in the third round meant everything. Marissa Held of a determined Kodie down the final straight for the win. Kodie was second with Nick Smith (Full Circle Bike Shop) third.

16 Year Olds
This would be the last total points race in the Intermediate classes and it was one of those, unlike the previous couple, featured the exact same order in all three rounds. Dylan Rodriguez was first, Connor Rooney was second and, a brand-new rider sponsored by the Litchfield County BMX Group Inc. Luis Ramirez was third. Luis was the only Novice in this group, so he gets Intermediate points.

26-35 Year Olds
with this being a 5-rider group its always tough to send someone home, but such is the case with BMX and its especially tough when the rider traveled all the way from New Hampshire to be here. Chris Lefave must have had a long ride home to the Granite State. The first one to qualify out of the motos was Cliff Benoit (Misfits) and the rest served his well as he blasted his way to the point in the main and never looked back. This was Cliff’s first win here in a long time. Joe Lataille was a solid second with the third spot going to Gold Cup #1 Stefanie Blackburn 9Warped BMX).

41-45 Year Olds
This was a fun race to watch. Scott Gonyer (Overhaul Racing) was the one rider from this class who watched it from behind the fence which, maybe was not the safest place to watch from. As they raced into turn #2, Justin Provencal shot up the turn and crashed into the fence so hard, he broke the 4x4 post. While the crowd gasped, he grabbed his bike and jumped right back on. As the crowd cheered, Tim Brown led the charge out of turn 5. Then something amazing happened. Brown stopped five feet short of the stripe. Jody Toomey and Joel Christofori pulled up along side of him and stopped. Here came Provencal out of turn5 with a huge smile on his face. As he crossed the stripe, it was the last time he would do that as and Intermediate. That is one he and we, will remember for a long time. For that moment, Justin Provencal (Answer / Northeast factory) became the newest Expert in the country. Second went to Jody Toomey (Overhaul Racing) while third went to Joel Cristorfori (Boosted BMX).

Justin Provencal receives his move-up award from T.O Justin Lyman

10 Year Olds
The first of the expert class saw 5 riders in the mix. In the second round of qualifying Hunter Heath (Boosted BMX) wrecked in turn 2 and never seemed the same after that. He did not qualify but we hope all is well. Sawyer Spence made it two wins in the last three races with a nice one here. Conor Cristofori (Boosted BMX) earned the second spot. Matt Horjatschon finished third in his first trip here this year.

12 Year Olds
this was a 5-rider grouping on paper but Zack Rukakoski (Overhaul Racing) was injured the night before in Meriden and did not make it here. We wish him well and hoe that it is nothing serious. So all transferred into the main which could be called “Hammer Time”. Wes Hamel (Family Pride) who won the first two weeks here but winless since, was back to his winning ways and captured this main event. James Wolf, put in a really good lap and finished second. Breton Provencal (Answer / Northeast Factory was third.

13 Year Olds
Braden Pleasant (aka Flying Squirrell) had a tough day with a nasty crash. He kept riding but failed to make the main event. This was a 5-rider main and Shane “The Hurricane” Upham (Full Circle Bike Shop), with some new parts on his bike, came back from a hard crash in practice to win this main event for his first win here this season. Gavin Suares (Rubber Side Down) nailed a sweet second while Noah Andersen enjoyed a third.

14 Year Olds
With Shane Johnson a no-show, this was a three-rider main event. Unbelievably our 4-time track champion Trevor “Superfly” Cooper (Ramp Farm Racing) was winless after his first six races. That certainly changed today as he finally got to the top spot. Kayden Smith was second with Jonah Graves (Full Circle Bike Shop) was third. Jonah Graves third? Yep, He flipped the gate in the main event.

15 Year Olds
The last two classes were total points racing. This one was amazing as, after all three rounds, all three riders had a total of 6 points. So the order of finish in the final round is considered the tie-breaker, her is how it worked out. First went to “The Bulldozer” Chris Gonyer” (Overhaul Racing). Second was Aidan Biello (Ramp Farm Racing). Third went to Lance Miller (Eliminator).

17-20 Year Olds
Wrapping up the day was this 3-rider total points race and, unlike the one previously, this would be the same order all day long. Dave Albert was first (Answer / Northeast Factory), Kyle Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop), was second with Rog Gould the last across the stripe for the day.

So that is it for this week. Next week is our Race For Life. See you then.

“Plaskett Out”

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