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As proficiency move ups occur, we will change it on our master point’s sheet, however, the only way we know of a move-up will be when that rider registers for a race here at Foothills.

Remember, to qualify for our year end awards, you must have raced here on a minimum of 12 race days throughout the season.
12 Races On a 20 Inch Qualifies
12 Race On a Cruiser Qualifies
Cannot count combination of 20 inch and Cruiser to reach the 12 required races. State Qualifier and Gold Cup Qualifier does not count towards your 12 races.



Male Track Champion

Female Track Champion


Expert Class 

Inter Class 

Novice Class

Expert Girls Class 

Female Cruiser Class 

Male Cruiser Class 



Results are updated every Wednesday, if you have a problem with the results, please contact Foothills BMX directly. 


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