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As proficiency move ups occur, we will change it on our master point’s sheet, however, the only way we know of a move-up will be when that rider registers for a race here at Foothills.

Remember, to qualify for our year end awards, you must have raced here on a minimum of 10 race days throughout the season.
10 Races On a 20 Inch Qualifies
10 Race On a Cruiser Qualifies
Cannot count combination of 20 inch and Cruiser to reach the 10 required races. State Qualifier does not count towards your 10 races.



Male Track Championship

Chris Pedersen- 1003 points

Brody Kesl- 971 points


Female Track Championship

Elizabeth Doyle- 791 points

Cheyenne Stone- 473 points

Expert Class Champion

Brody Kesl- 971 points

Dylan Barker- 925 points

Chris Pedersen- 888 points


Inter Class Champion

*Cole Lyman- 665 points

*Logan Barker- 665 points

Liam Macneil- 663 points

Novice Class Champion

Ben Hagan- 259 points

Toby Pyzik- 248 points

Josh Styga- 217 points

Expert Girls Class Champion

Elizabeth Doyle- 791 points

Pippa Sweet- 380 points

Sarah Gonyer- 376 points

Female Cruiser Class Champion

Cheyenne Stone- 473 points

Caissy Price- 406 points

Pippa Sweet- 378 points

Male Cruiser Class Champion

Chris Pedersen- 1003 points

Brody Kesl- 899 points

Noah Hardgrove- 687 points

Honorable Mention

Marissa Lyman- 847 points


Results are updated every Wednesday, if you have a problem with the results, please contact Foothills BMX directly. 


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