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As one of the leading local tracks in New England, we attribute our reputation to the long term support of volunteers.  The “Foundation of Teamwork” has proven to be the building blocks to our success.

Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we have to offer, and get in touch for any questions.

Foothills BMX is here for you and your family.

Follow the History of FOOTHILLS BMX 


The diagram below has no scale and is for reference and informational purposes only. The track is approximately 1190 feet long from the starting gate to the finish line measured at the center of the riding lane. It incorporates five asphalt turns and all obstacles are hard packed with clay and dirt

We recommend that long pants and long sleeved shirts be worn when riding the track on non-race days due to its abrasive surface. See "Equipment Reqmts" for race day requirements.

The track is open to the general public on non-race days however, certain rules and regulations must be followed.

  • Always wear a hemet

  • Always ride in one direction only

  • Vandalism will not be tolerated




Above the Clouds

Roger Plaskett Memorial Race

In 2020 Foothills BMX lost one of its own. 

-The Legend on The Mic-

Roger Plaskett was one of the founding fathers of Foothills BMX/Litchfield County BMX Group. Roger passed in December of 2020 after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. Just one month prior to his passing, Roger was honored with the 2021 induction into the USA BMX Hall of Fame, for his years of service and dedication to the sport of BMX.

Roger dedicated 26 years of his life to Foothills BMX as a volunteer. He wore many hats over the years at Foothills, but his passion was undoubtedly announcing, not to mention he was a pretty good photographer and story writer.

During his time as track director, Roger dedicated countless hours recruiting new riders into the sport of BMX, He made sure everyone knew Foothills BMX existed and was the place to be on Sundays in Torrington CT. He was an advocate for getting young riders involved in the sport.

In 2021 Foothills BMX dedicated their opening day in memory of Roger Plaskett for his dedication and volunteer service to the track.  In honor of Roger, Foothills BMX/Litchfield County BMX Group donated a brand new race bike to a new rider in the sport. In turn when that rider out-grows that bike it will be gifted once again in Roger's honor.

Going forward Foothills BMX/Litchfield County BMX Group will dedicate their Opening Day Race in Roger's memory and will again donate a bike to a new rider in his honor. We know this is how Roger would want us to continue serving the community.

Adelina Czapiga 2024 Memorial Bike Winner


Ezra McMenamin 2023 Memorial Bike Winner


Kurt Hall 2022 Memorial Bike Winner

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Daniel French 2021 Memorial Bike Winner


Opening Day 2021 Plaskett Family



In 2011 The Litchfield County BMX Group Inc., awarded the first annual D.J.P. Memorial Award. This was set up to honor the memory of the son of one of our founders Rog Plaskett. It also was in recognition of the need to improve awareness of a dreadful disease called "AMN".
In his teenage days, Daniel Plaskett competed in BMX events both locally and nationally.

By the year 2009 Dan was confined to a wheelchair. Occasionally he used an electric scooter to get around but was losing the balance and coordination required to safely control it. In early 2010 he was under the care of a long term facility in Bristol where he received much needed 24 hour medical attention. Only 7 months later, on July 20th, 2010, after an 8 year battle, Dan succumbed mercifully to this terrible illness. Sometime during this entire ordeal it was learned that AMN can develop in later years with kids with Addison’s disease.

When he first learned that he had AMN, Dan began doing on-line research. He learned that the outcome was ultimately death, which was devastating for him and the family. "Watching Dan's motor-skills slowly but methodically fade to the point where he could no longer walk, talk or even swallow, was the most heart wrenching situation that I've ever experienced." Rog Plaskett said. Dan showed some incredible resilience to the situation. Twice after the diagnosis, he climbed into an airplane and skydived. He also participated in some paint ball battles where his brother Greg would virtually carry him into the woods and Dan would lay in wait for an opposing team member to try and sneak by. He tried to make the best of his dire situation.

When Dan passed, Rog Plaskett and his wife, Donna, planted a tree in the front yard of their Harwinton home, The tree, a Japanese maple, was put there in Dan’s memory.


“Maybe that tree will enjoy the good health and steady growth that Dan never could,” Rog said. “Maybe it’ll stand strong, like Dan wished that he could have.”

This award and annual Daniel J. Plaskett Memorial Race were created in honor of Dan and his courage.

Each year the Litchfield County BMX Group Inc makes a donation in Dan's name to The United Leukodystrophy Foundation, 224 North Second Street, Suite 2, DeKalb, IL. 60115.

The Daniel J. Plaskett Award is given annually to a Foothills BMX rider who shows great love and dedication to the sport of BMX.


2022    BRODY KESL



2019    NOAH ANDERSEN      

2018    HUNTER ZEINER         

2017    MATT ROWE  

2016    JAGUAR LAYMAN       

2015    ETHAN BEGNOCHE    

2014    TREVOR FOX  


2012    WESLEY REEL 

2011    CHRISTOPHER PFEFFER          


In his teenage days, Daniel Plaskett competed in BMX events both locally and nationally.



Craig Morehouse, or "Lumpy" as we all called him, was a kid you loved to be around. To him, BMX racing was simply something to have fun with. Even though he tried his hardest, How he finished was always secondary.


There was one race on a Wednesday night so many years ago now, up at RT 5 BMX in South Windsor, where Lumpy's good nature and great attitude had a chance to shine.

After earning his Expert ranking, it was very difficult to score a win as this class was huge. It was 17 & Over Expert at that time and included some of the top riders in the state. In the main event that night, all were coming down the last straight and just before the finish line, they all stopped allowing Lumpy to ace the win. He was so proud he put that trophy on his mom's grave for one year.

In 1991 Craig married, but, working two jobs to support his wife and soon to be born child, he lost his life in a work related accident.

That child, now 24 years old, is married and living happily in the mid west.

At the suggestion of Roger Plaskett, it was decided to create an annual award to be given in his memory.

The CRAIG MOREHOUSE MEMORIAL AWARD is now given annually to a male rider who shows the most improvement and/or whos actions and mannerisms closely emulate those of Craig Morehouse. The award is now given at the State Championship Race.

Former Recipients

2023 - Damian Conley

2022 - Sean Adams

2021 - Christopher Pedersen

2020 - Jacob Hatt

2019  - Kyle Lyman

2018  - Tyler Farwell

2017  - Hunter Zeiner

2016  - Johnny Tomboly

2015  - Jagur Layman

2014  - Alex Kuehn

2013  - Mike Strandberg

2012  - Matt Higgs

2011  - Dallas Tuttle

2010  - Jake Pirulli

2009  - Joshua Wedge

2008  - Brandon Wojtkowski

2007  - Zach Pirulli

2006  - Jeffery Crousier

2005  - Anthony Delvento

2004  - Freddy Long

2003  - Jacob Enriquez

2002  - Stephen Newman

2001  - Daniel Buckner

2000  - Steven Klucik

1999  - Howie O'Dell

1998  - Patrick Palmieri

1997  - Allen Currier

1996  - Adam Keller

1995  - Nolan Heasley

1994  - Bill Cadella



Ronnie Caruso was a very special young lady. Her presence could spread warmth on the coldest day. She was an icon around BMX in Connecticut for 7 years. She touched so many people in that time.

She was not only a great rider, but she was a great and courageous young lady. Tragically, after being accepted at Tufts University and while in the midst of writing a book about her experiences, she lost her battle with cancer on July 23, 1990.

In 1992, under the suggestion of Kathy Olson, it was decided that an annual state award should be created in the memory of Ronnie Caruso. The RONNIE CARUSO MEMORIAL AWARD is now given annually to the female rider who shows the most improvement and/or whos actions and mannerisms closely emulate those of Ronnie Caruso. The award is now given annually at the State Championship Race.

Former Recipients

2023 - Ella Urban

2022 - Mary Sloan

2021 - Zuleika Bruno

2020 - Peyton Pulaski

2019 - Devin Murphy

2018 - Samantha Sperrazza

2017 - Maya Brown

2016 - Isabella Nelson

2015 - Marissa Lyman

2014 - Ashley Jasensky

2013 - Jayna Roy

2012 - Callie Atchison

2011 - Emma Stroh

2010 - Kyly Milton

2009 - Katy Moody

2008 - Brianna Clinton

2007 - Alysha Olson

2006 - Danielle Jolicouer

2005 - Christy Kestler

2004 - Katie Rose Edgar

2003 - Allie Couch

2002 - Cassy Scott

2001 - Heather Hellwinkle

2000 - Samantha Sunbury

1999 - Allison Thomas

1998 - Ciera Simek

1997 - Melissa Knees

1996 - Trina Ramsdell

1995 - Tracey Keller

1994 - Melissa Klembara

1993 - Allison Charney

1992 - Allison Siglar

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